Xelltra lost package and doesn´t respond

Not resolved

I bought a dog dvd pack with xelltra. They shipped it and sent me the tracking number. But brazilian mail lost it, and xelltra has to asjk USPS for my money back, but he never did it.

I spent over 170USD and got nothing, no money, no DVD.

And the worst thing is when talking to me, he kept saying he would ship the dvd´s again so i should wait, but actually he was doing this so the paypal claim period would end. really evil person, would never recommend doing business with him. Now that more than 45 days have passed, i can´t open a paypal or ebay claim.

Monetary Loss: $171.

Xelltra sucks


i orderd a cd package from xelltra.com on dec 16th. i need the package early the next week so i paid the expidated shipping charges.

package was to arrive on or befor 12/19. on friday 12/23 my package according to the tracking number was still in texas. i don't know if i'll ever get it i know it is now to late for a christmas gift.

but don't pay them the expidated shippng fee it's just going into there pocket and your package is going into the regular usps mailbox. all they want to do is make a few extra buck at your expense

Monetary Loss: $200.

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